Weekly Update – Week 01/365 – #BuildinPublic Challenge

So, it’s almost been more than a week since I last talked about the #BuildinPublic Challenge. Here’s the progress so far.

First of all, thank you for all the best wishes. Couldn’t feel more elated.

The tweet itself gathered some traction, which helped me get some eyeballs on both of my products.

Here is the Twitter Analytics for the tweet.

Thank you to everyone who followed or engaged with the Tweet. Just in case you are wondering, here’s the tweet that I am talking about.

Now, the last 10 days have been good for the business too. Broke ground with both projects and looking forward to building great products.

Here’s the Update on Plencils

With Plencils we recently closed a B2B deal with a major Indian Airline Company to supply customised plantable pencils for their onboarding and training kit. It’s a good start, the deal itself has secured the product marketing budget for the upcoming month. If you are wondering about the numbers of the deal, here are the details. The total Revenue that I made from the deal is INR 19,600 (approximately 260$).
Now the total Lifetime Sales for Plencils have crossed INR 22,047.84. Hoping to maintain this momentum.

What’s Ahead? – this week, I’ll be working on building some custom product pages for better conversion rates. Currently, the site has pretty basic product landing pages. As an expensive luxury product, it has to look better on the landing page. I am using WooCommerce with WordPress to build this site. Should be an interesting task.

Update on Add Letter

With Add Letter, we recently got featured on the BetaList, and this has helped us get some signups for the waitlist. Some would ask why BetaList. Let me tell you one simple SEO Hack when you are starting out with a new website with Zero Authority, it’s a good practice to get that low-hanging fruit, and the easiest way to build some authority is to register your product on the directory sites such has BetaList, Product Hunt and more.
BetaList Launch and the above Tweet helped us reach to 46+ signups for our waitlist. I have been using a WordPress Landing Page with Viral Loops signup widget. Viral Loops has helped me get those 3rd Party Referrals. I’ll be covering everything about Viral Loops in another blog post. But as you can see from the stats below, Viral Loops has helped me get 29 Shares on the landing page.

What’s Ahead? – this week, I’ll be Cold Dm’ing some users on Twitter that already use my competitor’s products. This way I can get them to sign up by giving them a lucrative launch offer like 50% off on the annual plan or 3 months of free access to the premium service.
Let’s see what the different graphs look like next week. Looking forward to seeing you in the next edition of my #BuildinPublic Challenge.

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