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A podcast by and for the entrepreneurs, where we cover products, founder stories, and their startups. Learn what it takes to kick off a SaaS startup and all things you should keep in mind while building your startup. Hosted by Porush Puri.

Episode 1 – Rana Atheya of DogSpot.in

Welcome to the first episode of the StartUps 101 podcast. In this episode, we will be talking about Indian Pet Industry which is the fastest growing pet care market around the globe and is worth $ 430 million. To talk more about this industry we interviewed the CEO and Founder of DogSpot.in – Rana Atheya. We talked about starting a pet industry startup in India, scaling it, and emerging opportunities like IoT, Machine Learning, and challenges like aggregation and industry consolidation.


Episode 2 – Matteo Mosca of PainLand, Superbuild.io and more

“The biggest question of our time is not Can it be built? but Should it be built?” says Eric Ries in his book The Lean Startup. In this world where we have an app for everything, it’s really difficult to find a real problem worth solving to start your dream startup company. So in this podcast episode, we will be talking with Matteo Mosca (founder of Painland) about the real problems that exist in our world, and how to identify them and solve them using the Lean Startup Model. We will also see how did Matteo build and scale a forum platform called Painland.


Episode 3 – Matt Kandler of HappyFeed

Matt Kandler founder of Happyfeed joins me to discuss gratitude journaling for startups, how can it help an entrepreneur fight depression and his experience of creating and scaling a health and wellness category app. Download Happyfeed from Google Play Store and Apple App Store.